Different Types of Cannabis – Sativa, Indica, Hybrid

I absolutely love this day and age.  We have so much more information on cannabis then we did years before. More people are learning about cannabis and in doing so, have been able to use cannabis in a way that is much more beneficial to them. Maybe you are new to cannabis or just like learning as much as you can, in this article we are going to highlight the major types of cannabis plants: indica, sativa and the combination of the two as a hybrid.

On our menu , you will see the different types of plants separated by category. You may even have your own personal preference, but what really makes the types of plants different? Below we are going to map out the basics of each and what makes them uniquely different. This knowledge can assist you with picking and finding your favorite strains.


A sativa is more of what you would call a more euphoric head or mental high. This can be beneficial because the effect will be more energetic, giving you that “daytime” high. Many people really like sativas when they want to spark creativity, ideas or focus. The mental effect can help open your mind up to different mental thought patterns, helping with depression and certain mental conditions.


An indica cannabis plant is more of a euphoric body high. The feeling and effect from an indica plant can be very strong and produce a “couch-lock” feeling of deep relaxation. This can be very helpful for pain in the body, anxiety and for sleeping. It can also assist with muscle spasms and headaches. Many people will use indicas for “nighttime” use. Many indicas are also very sweet and tasty.


A hybrid plant is a plant bred with any combination of an indica and a sativa. Many people like hybrids because you get the benefits and effects of both. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. Many hybrid strains will be indica-dominant or sativa-dominant but some are very much in the middle as well. Many websites will give you percentages for hybrid strains so that you can find the perfect mix that will work well for you personal needs.