Triple C Delivery represents Compassion, Convenience, and Confidentiality it was established primarily to meet the common goals of safe & equal access to organic medicine and alternative healthcare products & services. We are a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation dedicated to value, serve and fulfill all your medical needs. We operate under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Laws of the State of California SB420 H&S 11362.5. Our GOAL is to improve the well-being of our patients, while raising donation resources to increase our ability to better serve the Community.

Disclaimer: Triple C is a member based California collective, operating on a strictly not-for-profit basis. All donations are determined solely by the cost of production, consisting or reasonable compensation to patient/members for time, effort and reimbursement for proportional overhead expenses. Only individuals with valid California photo identification and a written recommendation for medical cannabis that is from a licensed physician may obtain medical cannabis from this medical cannabis collective